There were but few of the stockholders of the Bridgton & Saco River Railroad present at the meeting called Tuesday, Jan. 12th, to consider the matter of the extending of the railroad to Harrison, but quite a large proportion of the stock was represented by proxy.

After the meeting had been called to order by President Perry and the warrant read by Clerk J. A. Bennett, Hon. A. H. Walker submitted a carefully prepared motion covering the points involved–the ratification of the action of the Directors.

Voted, Whereas, the present length and mileage of the constructed and operated railroad of the Bridgton & Saco River Railroad Co. corporation organized under Chapter 51 of the Revised Statutes of Maine and the first ten sections thereof and amendments thereto, originally Chapter 120 of the Public Laws of 1876, of Maine, and amendments thereof, extending from Hiram, in the County of Oxford, to Bridgton Centre Village in the County of Cumberland, is sixteen miles, and the gauge thereof is less than four feet, eight and one-half inches, to wit, two feet, and teh capital stock thereof is ninety thousand dollars, filled, taken and paid for at par, and whereas it is proper and expedient that said railroad be extended at its present gauge northerly from said Bridgton Centre Village and its present northerly terminus to Harrison Village in said Cumberland County, a distance not exceeding six miles, making a total line and mileage not exceeding twenty-two miles, and an amount of capital stock exceeding three thousand dollars a mile, taken and paid for, including said extension of not exceeding six miles, and whereas the Board of Directors of said company have duly voted that said railroad be extended from said Bridgton Centre Village and its present northerly terminus to said Harrison Village, and that a stockholders meeting be called to take action upon the question of such extension, that said railroad be extended at its present gauge to said Harrison Village, and the Railroad Commissioners of said State of Maine be duly applied to for their approval of the proceedings of the company as required by law, and for the right, power and authority for said company to so extend, build and complete said railroad to said Harrison Village and said extension as aforesaid, and that all needful and proper steps be taken and executed by said Board of Directors and this company to fulfil the terms, provisions and intentions of this vote and said Director’s said vote.

It was decided that the vote should be a stock vote, each share of stock present casting one vote. Mr. P. P. Burnham and Edward Kimball were appointed tellers and the vote recorded was: Total number of shares represented 1478. Of these 1476 were in favor of extending the road and 2 were opposed. This vote sustains the action of the directors at their recent meeting and the matter will now come before the Maine Railroad Commissioners for their action thereon.

As printed in the Bridgton News, page 2, January 15, 1897.