But for a few posts early in 2021, I’ve been away from this blog for about three years. The reason for my absence is that, in late 2019, I volunteered to manage an October 2021 model railroad convention. It became all consuming and was essentially a second job for me.

This blog, my love for research into the B&SR and modelling were all set aside to focus on that event. I did rush to complete a model of tank car #22, as it appeared in 1907, to show it at the convention, but rush is the important word there. Sadly, I had to cut some corners to complete it in time and I now feel dissatisfied with it. My plan is to share the work I did to create it, here, and hopefully doing so will spark the desire to rescue it from the hasty decisions and quick work in the end.

Ties will be officially cut with that organization this April 2022 and I will return to my B&SR questions, musing and research. I hope the happiness I gained from the work I have presented here over the years returns, as the joy I gained from railroad-related interests all but faded during that convention planning and execution. It was simply draining.

Please excuse the absence and I will do my best to keep up with presenting historical information pertaining to the Bridgton railroad as it existed.