The Railroad Extension.

The meeting of the stockholders of the Bridgton & Saco River Railroad Co. called for Tuesday next, at 2 p. M., act upon the following propositions:

1st. To consider the extension and completion of the present line and mileage of railroad of the Bridgton and Saco River Railroad Company now maintained and operated by it, from its present northerly terminus in Bridgton Center Village, in the County of Cumberland, to Harrison Village in Harrison, in said County and take any and all actions proper and necessary to procure the extension of said mileage and line of railroad to said Harrison Village, and the construction and operation thereof.

2d. To transact any other business that may legally come before them.

As the stock and the directorate are in entire accord the meeting is merely to observe the formalities of the law, and there is likely to be no friction. The management say, in a note accompanying the notices:

The time seems to have arrived now when the road should be extended to Harrison, and your Board of Directors, at a meeting held on Dec. 26, 1896–at which all seven Directors were present–after a careful study and consideration of the matter, decided by a unanimous vote that the best interests of the stockholders require that the road be extended to Harrison and so voted, and now ask your ratification of their vote. We believe it at the best interests of all the stockholders will be advanced by this extension to Harrison, and we desire a large stock representation at the meeting.

As printed in the Bridgton News, page 2, January 8, 1897.