The log train began running this week, and it has a big job on its hands–and wheels. M. M. Caswell is engineer; Charles Bertwell, fireman; George Emery, brakeman; Wm. H. Morrison, Fred Sanborn, and John Hibbard, loaders. The Moulton & Bradley timber, from the Col. Perley Nathaniel Hale lot, about 800,000, and the timber, almost a million feet, from another of the Col. Perley lots (already spoken of in this paper) is taken aboard at the Darwin Ingalls meadow and Perley’s Mills, respectively, and goes to the Junction. young Bros have about 250,000 feet of hard wood in Denmark, Sebago, and Hiram, which is to go to their mills; and a considerable quantity of poplar, birch, hardwood, etc., owned by D. P. Chaplin and Geo-Newcomb, from the Nehemiah Choate lot, is also to be transported by rail. The road, in fact, has all the freight business it well can attend to, now and for some time to come. The regular passenger train is run by its customary crew—John Marcque, engineer; Oscar Ham, fireman; Paul Lord, brakeman; Will Crosby, conductor.

Originally published by the Bridgton News, 15 December 1893.