Among its many kinds of freight our railroad will have quite an item in log-carrying. In other words, a log train will be run, to transport a large amount of timber from a point a little west of Sandy Creek to Bridgton Junction, said timber being the growth in the “Nathaniel Hale” lot and farm in South Bridgton, which R. O. Moulton and Philip Bradley, of Sweden and Fryeburg, have lately bought of the Col. Perley heirs, through the administrator, Gardiner Cram. The amount is estimated at from 700,000 to 900,000, mostly pine. Herbert Ingalls has contracted to cut and haul it to the railroad company have a crew now at work putting down a siding. The logs will be dumped into the Saco river at Hiram, whence they will be driven in the spring to their destination.

Originally printed in the Bridgton News, November 10, 1893.