A few quotes from this week’s Bridgton News:

“Cheap fares maketh heaps of travel for the narrow gauge. Let’s have more of it, gentlemen railroad managers!”

“The stages are having a hard time of it, plowing through the mud. Per contra, the iron horse, has no such trouble.”

“The Bridgton and Saco River Railroad contributes $136 to the $37,209.95 increased tax levied upon railroads, electric and horse railroads, etc., by the last legislature.”

Any one who takes the trouble to look into the express car at the station of a Monday morning will notice that some one is doing a thriving business in shipping slaughtered calves to the city markets. As a general rule the demands of the home market have been fully equal to the supply.”

Originally published on 21 April, 1893, by the Bridgton News.