The subject of railroad facilities is being actively discussed by our Harrison neighbors. The only feasible plan is to extend the track of the Bridgton narrow-gauge to Harrison village; the cost of which–roadbed, track, land damage, buildings, etc.–is estimated at from $33,000 to $37,000. The idea is to organize an independent company to build the road, then lease the road to the B. & S. R. R. R. Co., who will operate it. As to ways and means, it is suggested that Harrison, in its municipal capacity, invest $20,000 in aid of the project; she can hire the money at 4 per cent, and if the Bridgton road can be induced to lease of them at 3 per cent, she then has but 1 per cent to pay, or only about $200 a year; which is certainly a very small expense for the great advantages of securing railroad facilities. Her valuation is $438,000. This additional tax on a $1,000 farm, for instance, would only be 50 cts a year. Which railroad tax would probably be more than offset by the new taxable property which a railroad would bring into town. It would seem that if Harrison wants ever to have railroad communication with the outer world, now is the time. She may, if she will, have cars running fro this terminus to Harrision village by August next. The route is of easy grade, and the road-bed can be constructed at small expense.

~ Published in the Bridgton News, January 20th, 1893.