A few posts from the 09 December, 1892 Bridgton News:

Baldwins aplenty:

In the first three weeks of November the Bridgton railroad carried from this immediate region 6500 barrels of apples.

The railroad is in a fine state of affairs:

The State Railroad Commissioners, who not long ago made an inspection of the Bridgton road, report that “it rides as good as any railroad in the State.”

Expansion of operational capabilities:

At the Ingall’s Road station the side track has been extended and changed so that four or five cars can now be loaded at one and the same time.

And the new Junction station is underway:

A handsome new station is being built at Bridgton Junction by the Maine Central Co.; extended platforms, awnings; etc., in short, will correspond with those at Fryeburg, and other of the larger stations.