The new locomotive (engine No. 3) is a beauty, and it is no wonder that the railroad folks, yes, and not a few outsiders, are well pleased with it. It was manufactured by the Portland Company, of whose Works, Mr. James E. Greensmith, lately of the Pond Machine Tool Works, New Jersey, is general manager, and is a credit to him and his workmen. It weighs 19 tons, which is 4 tons more than either of the other two locomotives, is somewhat larger than those, and contains various improvements over them, being stronger and having sundry devices, transpositions, etc., such as have suggested themselves, through nine years’ experience, to Master Mechanic and Purchasing Agent, M. M. Caswell, of the railroad, under whose direction the engine was constructed. Among other appurtenances are a chime whistle (same as the Maine Central’s, and a spring draw bar to lessen the shock of car-coupling. This engine will be used principally for heavy work, such as drawing freight trains. The six flat cars which have been ordered for the road, are likewise to be built by the Portland Company.

(- Originally published in the Bridgton NEWS, April 22, 1892.)