Previously I wrote about the apple crop of 1904, which was detailed over several months in the Bridgton NEWS of that year. The apple crop of 1903 was not as significant, however the NEWS did publish a summary of the freight carried over the line for the fiscal year July 1 1902 – June 30 1903:

“Twenty-seven thousand twelve tons of freight have been hauled an average distance of 15.95 miles equal to 430,915 tons one mile. Average receipts per tone mile .0627 cts.

“Included in freight hauled is 2784 tons of Grain, Flour and Mill products, 1547 tons Apples and Canned Corn, 6912 tons Coal, 8400 tons Lumber, 830 tons Iron Castings, 400 tons Lime, Cement and Brick and 5800 tons of General Merchandise.

(The Bridgton NEWS, 20 NOV 1903)

For those formulating waybills or other documents for operations, I hope this helps.

This month I am starting a series of posts titles “One hundred years ago, today,” starting on 19 JAN, which will include an information or interesting article from the Bridgton NEWS which occurred on the posting date 100 years in the past. For those modeling the red boxcar era (Maine Central ownership of the B&SR), I likewise hope information from 1917 will be more relevant to yourselves.