June of last year I posted about the promotional booklet released by the B&SR, “Bridgton: Its Scenic Charms, Lakes, Mountains and Summer Delights.” Since that time I have been able to identify it as a first edition, dating the booklet in my collection to those printed between 1901 and 1903:

“Supt. Bennett of the Bridgton & Saco R. R. R. is preparing a booklet descriptive of Bridgton and vicinity, in the interests of the road. This booklet is to contain 22 half tone cuts of Bridgton’s scenic charms.”

The Bridgton News, 19 July 1901.

Many of the cuts, or photographs, used in the booklet appear in the following issues of The NEWS, with the August 9th NEWS issue detailing the complete list of cuts and some of the text. The list of cuts, per the article, is as follows:

  • Bridgton Junction at East Hiram, showing track and depot buildings.
  • Bridgton Station at Bridgton.
  • Bridgton Station Grounds.
  • Bridgton House and The Cumberland.
  • Fine view of West Depot St., Bridgton
  • “The Summit,” a noted point on the road’s line.
  • North Bridgton Station.
  • Steel Bridge and Lumber Mills, Bridgton Centre.
  • Sandy Creek Station and Lumber Mills.
  • Harrison Trestle No. 1 and Harrison Village.
  • Elm House, Harrison.
  • Harrison Station and Yard.
  • “The Notch,” as it is known in local railroad nomenclature.
  • The Methodist Church, Bridgton Centre.
  • Hancock Lake from cottage-home of Gen. Supt. J. A. Bennett.
  • Hancock Brook Arch.
  • Pretty View Highland Lake.
  • Highland Grove and Shorey’s Wharf.
  • Highland Lake as viewed from Shorey’s Wharf.
  • Long Lake, Harrison Village in Background.
  • Blanchard Cottage, North Bridgton.
  • Section of Road-Bed on Long Lake, looking towards Naples.
  • Congregational Church, Bridgton.
  • Map of the Region traversed by the Railroad.

Instead of posting the citation contained within the article, I have chosen to scan my copy, positively identified as Public Domain, and have made it available through the link below to those interested in reading the full text.

B&SR Bridgton Booklet 1901-1903 LR

The copy within Terry Smith’s collection, with the image of Hancock Lake on the cover, is from the printings made in 1904 and later. Several copies are also available in the archives of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, and during a future trip I will review each of them to see if they differed between themselves, however I can definitely say there is a difference between the cuts of the initial edition and the latter, besides the cover change. The cover image, which reappears internally, is a difference I did notice while quickly flipping through during my recent trip to the museum in December. The first edition has a cut of Bennett’s Hancock cottage under construction, whereas this image has been replaced by the second edition cover cut of a finished cottage taken from a very similar vantage point.

All images within the PDF available through the link can be definitively stated to have been taken in 1901 or prior, with the majority taken in 1901.