B&SR Workmen's Time Book, Jul 1923 - Nov 1924

B&SR Workmen’s Time Book, Jul 1923 – Nov 1924

Another of the items in my collection is this “Workmen’s Time Book” from the B&SR. Covering July 1923 through November 1924, my interpretation of this record is that this book, likely maintained by MM Caswell (assumed because his name appears first on all pages), accounts for the fraction of a workday each person executed on a given day. Further to that, I am assuming that this is also, crudely, a maintenance record, as several persons are noted to work on specific pieces of equipment (freight, passenger cars; locomotives) or serving a specific role (e.g.: watchman).

B&SR Workmen's Time Sheet, Aug 1923

B&SR Workmen’s Time Sheet, Aug 1923

If these interpretations are reasonably correct, this little item gives a sense of how often the equipment on the line was taken care of, in some manner, late in the ownership by the MeC.