The Digital Commonwealth has made available for viewing several photographs of the Bridgton & Harrison taken by Arthur Griffin during, presumably, a 1940-something excursion. Search for “Bridgton” and the photos will be readily available for viewing.

The twenty-three scans include the interiors of at least two passenger cars, the excursion train and a winter scene near the hotel. I particularly like the two boys oiling #8’s running gear. Wonder if they might be modelers of the B&H?

All images are the copyright of Arthur Griffin and exist in the Griffin Museum of Photography, so cite them accordingly if you use the photos for any reason.

The Digital Commonwealth also contains scans of several postcards from the Bridgton area and a few of the Maine Central accident at Westbrook.

Additionally, the Southern Methodist University Digital Collections, with SMU being the home of the DeGolyer Library (which I will eventually get around to visiting), has posted a scanned copy of the B&SR #7 builders card.

Enjoy if you take a look.