This history of the Maine Central’s involvement with the Bridgton & Saco was, at first, an interchange, followed by ownership through stock purchase, followed abandonment and return to an interchange status. Throughout most of this time, the Bridgton and Maine Central companies shared ownership of the station, freight house and platform at Bridgton Junction at a 1/3 – 2/3 ratio, respectively.

Many years ago, I obtained documents pertaining to the closure of the Bridgton Junction station from the Charles Niles collection, which was passed down to his son, Darren, and then to myself. As many of the 50 pages are very light weight copy paper or starting to crack and deteriorate, they have been scanned for preservation and sharing here before I donate the physical copies to the Bridgton Historical Society.

Within the provided 16 MB “bridgton-junction-closure” file are 200 dpi digital copies of the 1930 through 1942 papers for your reading and use, including a couple of news articles of the time. The earlier sheets pertain to the MeC ceasing ownership of the B&SR and the withdrawal of their agents from the Junction, with the latter covering the sale of the buildings and removal of equipment at the time the B&H came to a close.

For those into operations, note the document citing that the Junction will no longer be operating as a telegraph and train order station.

Happy reading.