Within the post on the railroad activities during the 1907-1908 fiscal periods, per the annual reports, it was stated:

One hundred and fourteen tons of fifty-pound rail have been put in this year…

This statement, which was made in the synopsis of the railroad, has been struck from the prior post due to another review of the July 1906 – June 1907 financials (1907 Annual report). The financial details of that report do not show any rail installed during the year.

Removal of the statement is further justified by preceding statements in the synopsis:

No especial work or improvements have been made upon this road the past year.
The general condition of roadbed and track is very creditable. If a heavier rail could be substituted for the present light rail, the change would be very beneficial.

As the RR Commission representatives likely inspect each line after submission of the year’s financials, they probably saw 114 tons of rail sitting in the yards, awaiting installation. As the 1907-1908 annual report states 109 tons were installed, and the synopsis in the 1907 report says 114 tons were put in, the 5 ton difference may give us a sense of the scrap resulting from fitting.