In a previous post, the freight records from 1908 were presented. Within I commented that Perley’s Mills would be a location on the future layout, with the possibility of excluding Sandy Creek to give Perley’s the space is deserves.

Although Perley’s is not a large station, it is the area surrounding which warrants space. The 270+ tons of export recorded leaving this area is mostly sawed logs, collected at “runways” nearby. Although other sources have commented that this is a winter activity, records from March indicate logging occurred well into Spring at the very least.

1916 Valuation Map, Perley's Mills (National Archives and Records Administration)

1916 Valuation Map, Perley’s Mills (National Archives and Records Administration; copyright expired)

Documents at the Bridgton Historical Society show tens of thousands of feet of logs, of various species, collected and delivered to the Hiram sawmill owned by A. & P. B. Young near Bridgton Junction. The records also show the owners of the property on which the logging was occurring. When combined with property ownership markings on the 1916 Valuation Maps the logging locations can be established.

A&PB Young Logging Record (Cropped from BHS resource)

A&PB Young Logging Record (Cropped from BHS resource)

As this image from 1939 shows, hauling lumber from the Bridgton area continued for decades. With logging being a prominent industry of the time, I will be researching the equipment used during this time to better represent the scene. A “galamander” or two (see pg. 20 of “Bridgton” by Ned Allen) will need to be placed near the Bridgton lumber mills, as they brought the logs in while the railroad shipped out the cut lumber.

Copies of the Bridgton and Saco River RR valuation maps can be obtained directly from the National Archives. Visitors may obtain free digital scans, however there is a limit on the number of large format scans the cartography department will make for a given person each day. I had to make three visits in order to obtain copies of all. For those unable to visit, paid services are available to have copies made and delivered to yourself. Contact the National Archives and Records Administration at College Park, MD, directly for more information.