What might one see as they ascend the staircase to the attic layout? What might give a visitor a good frame of reference that they are being transported back more than 100 years to 1907. What is going to indicate they are in Maine, rather than Maryland?

The plans for the walls of the stairwell is not too different than what others have done, and that is to line it with period paraphernalia. I plan to draw from my collection of photographs, post cards, texts and newspaper and select a few great examples of the time, place and lifestyle and have those enlarged and mounted to the wall. Joining them will be my collection of B&SR prints Bill Shelley had commissioned as part of the “Return of the Rails” campaign to bring the narrow gauge equipment to Bridgton. Interspersed will be various artifacts, such as a North Bridgton pennant and a slice of 30 lb rail I have buried in a box somewhere…I need to dig that out in the not too distant future.

Once in the layout room, I am contemplating a “pine fresh” smell, hopefully without the use of pine shaped car fresheners, and ambient sounds keyed to the day/night room lighting.

A final thought with respect to the life style and work of the area, I plan to build interiors for several of the buildings which abut the layout edge, showing the woolen looms, woodworking and canning processes of the day. Inclusion of the building interiors affords additional research avenues.