Furthering the Concept Phase, I generated a list of the signature elements I would like to have on the layout. The first elements, logically, were the yards, plus the locomotive watering hole:

  • MeC interchange & station
  • Bridgton yard & station
  • Harrison yard & station
  • Water stop at Hancock Lake

Following these, I wanted places for the freight carried on the line to originate and terminate:

  • Lumber & woolen mills
  • Timber harvesting
  • Canneries
  • Other industries (the catch-all for future needs)

I couldn’t forget about the people, whether it be those riding the rails or those living, working and visiting the area, a way to express the life of the are is desired, as well as the environment:

  • Forests, lakes, greenery & space
  • Camps, Farming, Cattle, Orchards
  • Steamboat landing
  • Bridgton town
  • Harrison village

Finally, within the villiage, I wish to include a model of my G. G. Grandfather’s house, which wasn’t too far from the line.

The joy of design for me comes from the challenge of fitting as much as possible into a space, without damaging the functionality and maintainability, or in our case, operating the layout. We will see how things pan out.