During the last week I searched a large portion of my engineering drawing collection for information on the roofs of the B&SR’s box cars. The search gave me the opportunity to also catalog more than 200 drawings, which I was sorely in need of doing.

While I was hoping to find information on the Laconia cars built in 1882, I was not successful. The search, however, did turn up this bit of useful information pertaining to the Portland-built box car roof surfacing:

Excerpt from Portland drawing of 28' & 30' B&SR Box Cars

Excerpt from Portland drawing of 28′ & 30′ B&SR Box Cars

The drawing excerpt represents the 28 and 30 foot cars built for the 1895 through 1900 orders.

If anyone is aware of a drawing or order specification for the 1882 Laconia cars, please share with us.