The continuation of the railroad, according to the Annual Reports: The late Nineties.

I have not been able to find B&SR Annual Reports after 1895 as yet, so the data from the ’95 B&SR annual report is denoted with a (B) and that from the Maine Railroad Commissioners annual reports with a (M).


  • 3,384 cedar and 1,090 pine ties laid during the year (B)
  • The equipment consists of 3 Locos, 2 passenger cars, 1 baggage/mail/express car, 1 caboose (1st time the caboose is mentioned in the reports), 10 box cars, 16 platform cars, 1 flanger and 1 snow plow (B)
    • The passenger cars are listed as being equipped with Miller automatic couplers (M)
  • Rental income is listed for the Derrick (M)
  • Income is also listed for the Telegraph company, while operating expenses also list the telegraph company (M)
  • The line is listed as possessing (12) wooden bridges, no iron, with all set on good masonry (M)
    • The longest and highest bridge on the line, at Hancock brook, was replaced during the year with a first-class 14 feet stone arch and filled with earth (M)


  • At Allen’s Mill trestle, substantial stone abutments have been erected, the opening made 16 feet in the clear and spanned with Georgia pine beams (M)
  • Sucker brook bridge has been replaced with a good stone culvert and earth embankment (M)
  • One open wooden culvert and three open wooden cattle passes have been rebuilt in a substantial manner with stone abutments (M)


  • “Taken as a whole this is one of the model narrow gauge railroads of the State, and the management are contemplating an extension of the line from Bridgton to Harrison through the village of North Bridgton which promises quite an addition to their traffic.”
  • Approval by Board of Railroad Commissioners to B&SR to extend to Harrison on 3 Feb 1897.


  • A petition was filed to change the location of the Harrison extension, which includes a listing of all curve degrees
  • A petition was also filed to cross Steamboat Wharf and old John Hill’s residence roads at grade with the permission to raise the grade at the crossings by specified heights (M)
  • The Harrison branch was built, extending the line’s length to 21.25 miles (M)
  • First reference to “Bridgton Junction M. C. R. R.” in the Annual Reports (M)


  • 1st year reporting operation from Harrison to Bridgton Junction (M)
  • Total construction costs for the Harrison branch were $45.307.76 (M)
  • An operating expense is listed for repairs and renewals of telegraph ($9.76) (M)
  • Added 4 box cars and 6 flat cars within the year, bringing the total number of cars owned to 41 (M)


The turn of the Century is to come.