In my continuation of how the railroad changed over the years, below I present information from the first half of the “Nineties.”

From this point forward, information was available from both the B&SR and the Maine Railroad Commissioners annual reports. I will denote information which came from the B&SR annual reports with a (B) and that from the Railroad Commissioners annual reports with a (M).


  • Boyd’s and Robinson’s trestles were rebuilt, and the Wood pond and Ingalls wooden trestles were repaired (M)
  • The trestles across Buck Nipping and Rafting-ground brooks were converted to a new granite culvert with filled embankments (M)
  • The trestle bridge at Hiram Junction was repaired (M)
  • The passenger stations at Bridgton, Sandy Creek and Perley’s Mills were repainted and the Bridgton station was shingled (B)
  • A Derrick was added to the roster to support the work in building over the trestles and bridges (B)
  • The rolling stock, aside from the Derrick, now includes 2 locos, 2 passenger cars, 1 Baggage/Mail/Express car, 1 Saloon car, 7 box cars, 10 platform cars, 1 snow plow and 1 flange digger car (built from one of the flat cars) (B)


  • The 120 foot long trestle at Wood’s pond has been filled with Earth embankments and substantial, 15 foot high, stone abutments, with good Southern pine stringers spanning the 18.5 foot gap (B, M)
  • The 75 foot wooden trestle at Chessey’s Crossing was similarly replaced with gravel and a stone culvert (B)
  • A stone culvert has taken the place of the old trestle at Back Nipping (M)
  • The trestle over Hancock Brook has been largely renewed and strengthened (M)
  • The 350 foot trestle at Bridgton Junction has been filled in solid with 4,000 cubic yards of gravel (B)
  • The station buildings have been repaired and repainted attractive colors (B, M)
  • A new front end and straight stack has been put on one of the engines with very satisfactory results, effecting a saving in fuel and at the same time increasing the capacity of the engine (B)
  • Notable expenses include repairs of fences and telegraphing (B)


Nothing special in the B&SR annual report and a copy of the Maine Railroad Commissioners report has not been located to date


  • A new station has been built at Bridgton Junction by the Maine Central and B&SR (B)
  • During the past year, the rolling stock has been increased by 7 flat cars, 2 box cars and a locomotive (B)


  • 13.5 tons of new steel rails and 5,145 new cross ties were laid in main line and side tracks (B)
  • The Bridgton engine house was destroyed by fire on 06 SEP 1893, with engines No. 1 and No. 3 badly burned, and shipped to the Portland Company, thoroughly repaired and put in first class condition (B)
  • A locomotive was borrowed from the Phillips & Rangeley Railroad during the repair of #1 and #3 (B)
  • A new and substantial engine house has been built to replace the one burned (B)
  • Repairs to fences, road crossings and signs were listed as operating expenses (B)