Several months back I collected quite a bit of data from the Bridgton Historical Society on the inbound and outbound freight of the B&SR during the latter half of 1908. It has taken some time to digest it all, but I have included a simplified graph of the overall movement of freight onto and off of the line.

1908 Freight

Considering the railroad had 57 active freight cars, one of which was a tank car not hauling the freight indicated here, of mostly 10 ton capacity, the line executed a minimum of 89 revenue generating car load movements (60 inbound, 29 outbound) in the month of October. This assumes that the cars were always loaded at capacity, which in most cases, was unlikely. The B&SR earned $1,110 for these movements, with the MeC and other lines capturing smaller freight charges.

Although work has been consuming a considerable portion of my time of late, I did squeeze in another two hour visit to the BHS last week and came away with quite a bit more useful data, which I will post here as I digest it.