Chris Cardinal posted a comment to my post on the trucks I am designing for my B&SR freight cars which included a couple of links to images. Unfortunately, the links did not work, so I have included a couple of the images of his 3 1/2″ scale trucks he is working on.

I made a few attempts at embedding the images he provided within his comment through my administrative edit capabilities, but no such luck. I also attempted to add the images through a Reply of my own, but ultimately have discovered WP does not allow the embedding of media within replies. I will attempt to locate a plugin or other means of allowing myself and visitors to add content as they wish.

In the meantime, appreciate a fellow modeler’s work:

C. Cardinal 3D Pic

C. Cardinal Layout Pic

The simplified spring cups are interest to me and, as I could not get a good photo of the spring cups on the B&SR trucks, I may consider a simiarl approach.