This fall I have committed to presenting three clinics, both in the name of sharing knowledge and spurring myself onward.

The first, Layout Design from Historical Documentation, will be given at the Mid-Atlantic Railroad Prototype Modelers meet later in September. I attended my first RPM meet here last year and walked away with a lot of great information and inspiration and immediately wanted to give back.

Over the last three months I have been pouring through numerous sheets of B&SR’s Daily Records of Freight. Having data on the origin and destination of freight on the line has really changed my perspective on what I should model and how I anticipate operating the layout.

The second and third clinics be presented at the NMRA Mid-Eastern Region 2015 convention at the end of October as a pair. The first session will be a demonstration of “Computer Aided Design for Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing” which will cover two, possibly three CAD programs of varying capabilities. This will be followed by a session on “Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing.” My goal in the latter is to present the various types of additive material prototyping (rapid prototyping) and other options which fall into the rapid manufacturing category that have applications to our model building ventures.

If any of these sound interesting, follow the links to the respective events, check out the other clinics and activities, and join us.