On December 22nd I took a quick trip to the RR Museum of PA to take a look through their archives. For those not familiar with the archives, I recommend poking around on their web site. I recently wrote a brief on the collections housed there for the Winter 2015 issue of The Relay, the quarterly newsletter of the Chesapeake Division of the NMRA.

A search on their web site turned up eighty items related to the B&SR. Previously mentioned was the Rule Book from 1913, in addition to numerous tickets, photo negatives and promotional books. I was after the photos in hopes of finding images not published in the books out there, and there were several to be had, showing many buildings or views of them which I had not seen before. Great modeling material.

To my surprise, however, was a note typed on the folder of one of the negatives. The image within showed a couple of guys on and about B&SR locomotive #5, and the sleeve’s note indicated that the bell and number plate for #5 was in the museum. I turned and asked the archivist “this museum???” A call down to the curator of the 3D collection confirmed they were in house. A trip down stairs was now in order.

Number 5’s number plate is held in the 3D collections archival stacks, but it was brought out for me to see.

No 5 Plate

The bell is in the main rolling stock hall, with the locomotives and equipment. There are several stashed in an alcove, and I recall looking at them on one of my prior trips to the museum, but little did I know that one of them was from the B&SR.

225 lb of brass

225 lb of brass

These two discoveries were totally unexpected and welcome.