I have been reading History of Bridgton, Maine, or as the cover is printed, “Bridgton, Maine 1768 – 1968,” to understand the changes in the town around the period I am representing on the layout. Of course I can’t just jump into a decade or era, as the text isn’t written like a high school history book, so one starts at the beginning and continues to the end of a chapter.

Of what I have read thus far–and I have quite a bit more to read–this document of history never ceases to amaze me in the detail it contains, from the men who founded Bridgton, or “Bridge’s Town” and “Pondicherry” as it was called at one time or another, to the ownership and proprietors of buildings, including the physical movement of buildings from lot to lot.

I will attempt to make note of items which may of interest to modelers and myself in the future.