The space set aside for the scaled railroad to occupy is the attic of our new house, which is approximately 14 feet by 40 feet. Basic HVAC and utilities were installed during construction, however additional circulation and flow will be added as the space is finished off, as well as electrical improvements, based upon the anticipated lighting and power needs.


The knee walls are 48″ high and the roof pitch is 10/12. I am contemplating pulling the layout inward an additional foot on each side, bringing the width of the layout room to 12 foot by 40, which would provide a 58″ knee wall height. As the layout design progresses, it should come apparent whether or not this is needed.

One additional detail should be noted is that there will be space set aside under at least one side of the layout room for the kids Lionel/MTH sets. If that lower deck for the “O Gauge” equipment starts at 24-28 inches off the finished floor, a clearance between decks of 12-16 inches can be had if the modules and supports are placed at 48 inches.