I’ve decided to set up a number of categories by which to assign posts for future reference. I may add, delete or change these as this blog evolves.

Electrical: All items electrical, including layout wiring and chips and boards in locomotives, but not layout & room lighting, as that gets it’s own section.

Historical: Information pertaining to the real railroad.

Landscape: Rocks, hills, trees and backdrops; all of the nature stuff that surrounds us.

Layout Design: The track plan, compression, benchwork and how it gets done.

Lighting: Room lighting, general and particular to the layout.

Motive Power: Locomotives and other things that move under their own power.

Operations: Operation of the layout and how to get train A from point B to C.

Reference: Personal collections, recommended blogs and web sites.

Right of Way: Track work, ballast, roadbed and sub-roadbeds.

Rolling Stock: Those things we haul around on our layout hoping to make scale revenue.

Sound: Sound systems, within vehicles and structures as well as ambient.

Structures: Buildings, bridges and signal towers (if the B&SR had any).