This blog has been a while coming, along with the scaled railroad I will be documenting within it.

I started the hosting service one year ago, in January 2014, but completion of our house took precedence. And why shouldn’t it? I would be housing the railroad, after all. Sure, there are the typical shelter and warmth aspects of having a house, but that’s not why you’ve come to this blog.

This blog is being written to capture the decisions and processes in building my model railroad of the Bridgton & Saco River Railroad.

The decisions and actions described here are mine and they suit my goals and ambitions in completing and operating the layout. There are many differing opinions on how to do things and I encourage you to read, act and make informed decisions which allow you to achieve what you want.

I encourage interaction within this blog, so feel free to ask questions and offer differing approaches as this promotes discussion and learning.